Backgammon is a Running Man’s Game

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians and Romans, backgammon has existed in one form or another, entertaining both kings and common folk.  Today you can play backgammon at home, at a casino, or even online.  Wherever you play, though, if you want to be successful, you’ll need a strategy.

My favorite backgamm



on strategy is a “running game”.  This is a fast paced strategy that can be compared to sprinting around the backgammon board.  As opposed to backgammon strategies that involve holding and blocking points to prevent your opponent from moving, a running game basically involves you doing everything possible to avoid being hit while running your checkers around the board and bearing them off before you’re opponent realizes what’s happening.

In a running game, it’s important to move fast and having a little luck helps too.  If you have problems throwing doubles or at least high numbers, you might have a problem as the object is to move fast before your opponent can begin blocking off points and turning the backgammon board into a priming game.

What’s nice about a running backgammon game though, is if your opponent manages to slow you down and block (anchor) important points, it’s easy for you to regroup and begin anchoring points, turning it into a priming game.  However, if you start a priming game first, the backgammon board becomes unfriendly to a running game, so it’s not a good transition.  As with any strategic game, holding onto options is important, which is why in backgammon I always try the running game first.