Backgammon is a Running Man’s Game

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians and Romans, backgammon has existed in one form or another, entertaining both kings and common folk.  Today you can play backgammon at home, at a casino, or even online.  Wherever you play, though, if you want to be successful, you’ll need a strategy.

My favorite backgamm



on strategy is a “running game”.  This is a fast paced strategy that can be compared to sprinting around the backgammon board.  As opposed to backgammon strategies that involve holding and blocking points to prevent your opponent from moving, a running game basically involves you doing everything possible to avoid being hit while running your checkers around the board and bearing them off before you’re opponent realizes what’s happening.

In a running game, it’s important to move fast and having a little luck helps too.  If you have problems throwing doubles or at least high numbers, you might have a problem as the object is to move fast before your opponent can begin blocking off points and turning the backgammon board into a priming game.

What’s nice about a running backgammon game though, is if your opponent manages to slow you down and block (anchor) important points, it’s easy for you to regroup and begin anchoring points, turning it into a priming game.  However, if you start a priming game first, the backgammon board becomes unfriendly to a running game, so it’s not a good transition.  As with any strategic game, holding onto options is important, which is why in backgammon I always try the running game first.

Gambling Online for Beginners

With so many options, so many types of games, legal issues, questions, and more – most people looking to get into gambling online aren’t even sure where to begin.  I hope that this article helps.

First of all, it’s important to know what kind of games you can play.  There are your classic casino games (any games you would find in a brick and mortar casino,) there’s online poker, online bingo, online sports betting, online blackjack and even mobile gambling (from your cell phone.) Bottom line? There is no shortage of options for gambling online.

Now you’ve chosen what to play, now it’s time to choose where.  This is a personal decision.  I recommend reading up on different forums and websites that are dedicated to gambling online, where you can find first hand accounts and reviews of all different websites.  You can try out the different software for free, you can either download them or if there is an option, use the no-download Flash version.

Bonuses are a great plus when it comes to gambling online as there are lots of them and they don’t stop coming.  Online casinos will keep offering you great bonuses to stick with them if you show loyalty to their site (one of the perks of such a competitive market!)  Make sure you check your email frequently and don’t be afraid to ask for additional bonuses if you feel you deserve them. You can play at a couple online gaming sites in order to get the most bonuses for your money.

Gambling online is considered illegal in some jurisdictions and there will be some websites that don’t accept players from those jurisdictions.  It’s the player’s responsibility to check and know the laws in their region.  If you’re not sure, ask your local authorities.  Better to be on the safe side.

You might have many more questions so don’t hesitate to contact the online gambling site that you’re thinking about playing at.  It’s their business!

Get Your Wife to See It Your Way with a Free Casino

So, you’re a gambler with a wife who doesn’t get it and won’t be involved.  Some guys like it that way, but for me, it was a problem.  I wanted my wife at least interested in gambling so I could do things like plan our vacation around a casino resort.  Then I read this great article online about a free casino that a guy got his wife interested in.

It turns out women like to play for fun and not for money.  I think it said they were even turned off by the idea of competitive gambling.  It also turns out that online casinos have picked up on this and have incorporated games that women play every day, like newspaper word puzzles, and made them available as online casino games.

Now, my wife plays word games every day, I don’t know why, but she does.  So I figured I would give this a shot.   I found a free casino online that offered word games and arcade games and all sorts of casino games.  I showed it to her, explained it was risk free, and she liked the idea.  She started playing the free casino, meeting new people, trying new games and having a lot of fun.

It worked so well in a few weeks she was asking me to find an online casino that offered real money games.  So, here is my non-gambling wife asking to switch from a free casino to the real money.  I love it!
These days she’s not shy about gambling or the real money tables.  Thanks to a free casino, some non-traditional casino games, and the internet, now I get to plan that Vegas vacation!

Different Casino Bonuses Offered Online

Online casinos are offering more incentives than ever for online gamblers to join their sites and that’s great news for us.  The incentives are normally referred to as casino bonuses and there are many of them available to online gamblers.  The first casino bonus many will encounter is, well, the first time bonus.  This rewards new players for joining the casinos site, often times with free money.  Some casinos also will match your initial deposit dollar for dollar.  You should know, however, that often times these bonuses aren’t deposited until you wager a certain amount.

Other benefits offered to gamblers by online casinos are no deposit incentives, casino bonuses that reward players for winning games at a certain times or hitting certain hands, and also loyalty bonuses which rewards gamblers that have played a certain casino for a long period of time.  Also, if you’re a high roller, there are casino bonuses out there that reward you just for spending money.

There are many more casino bonuses offered so it pays to research the different online casinos and what they’re offering.  They are truly great incentives to the internet gambling world as casino bonuses can only be found at online casinos.  So, if you’re involved with online casinos or are thinking about joining, make sure you’re taking advantage of online casino bonuses.  They offer no risk rewards just for playing and can make a huge positive impact on your profits.  And, in the end, more money is music to all internet gamblers ears.