Get Your Wife to See It Your Way with a Free Casino

So, you’re a gambler with a wife who doesn’t get it and won’t be involved.  Some guys like it that way, but for me, it was a problem.  I wanted my wife at least interested in gambling so I could do things like plan our vacation around a casino resort.  Then I read this great article online about a free casino that a guy got his wife interested in.

It turns out women like to play for fun and not for money.  I think it said they were even turned off by the idea of competitive gambling.  It also turns out that online casinos have picked up on this and have incorporated games that women play every day, like newspaper word puzzles, and made them available as online casino games.

Now, my wife plays word games every day, I don’t know why, but she does.  So I figured I would give this a shot.   I found a free casino online that offered word games and arcade games and all sorts of casino games.  I showed it to her, explained it was risk free, and she liked the idea.  She started playing the free casino, meeting new people, trying new games and having a lot of fun.

It worked so well in a few weeks she was asking me to find an online casino that offered real money games.  So, here is my non-gambling wife asking to switch from a free casino to the real money.  I love it!
These days she’s not shy about gambling or the real money tables.  Thanks to a free casino, some non-traditional casino games, and the internet, now I get to plan that Vegas vacation!