Learning Backgammon: Instructions for Beginners

There is a misconception that backgammon is a hard game to learn. However, this is notat all the case. For anyone wanting to learn backgammon, instructionsare readily available nowadays. If you want to learn the game online, you canlog on to any of the servers that offer the game, and go through theinstruction manual or the help document there. Whenever you buy a game of backgammon,you also get the board, the dice, and an instruction manual. Go through thismanual and you will be set for your first game.

You need to roll the dice to move your pieces. The number that the roll of the dice throws up decides the number of moves at one go. You need to be able to remove all your pieces from the board before your opponent does. Whoever finishes first wins the game.

Roll the dice alternately, with your opponent. There is strategy involved in the game as well, which is where the skill element comes in. You need to decide on whether you wish to move only one piece or move multiple pieces simultaneously.

The backgammon board has long triangles. Each of these is called a point. You can be in control of a point if you have two or more of your pieces stationed on it. Having control over a point enables you to regulate your opponent’s movements, as opposing pieces cannot move across a point manned by you. However, the situation works in reverse as well.

Besides, there are specific rules for specific throws, as well as specific terms. The best way to learn is to play with someone who knows the game. For backgammon, instructions need not always be from the manual, you can learn on the fly as well.