Multi Player Online Casino Games

Some of the games found in an online casino are designated as multi player games. Generally these are card games and it is important for players to understand the difference between these and the single player versions.
Although the term multi player suggests that a number of different online players can play together, what it actually means is that one player has the ability to play several seats simultaneously. Often as many as five hands can be played, but it is the players choice how many, and sometimes which of the



available seats they would like to play. The players are hands are played against the dealer’s one hand according the usual rules of play, and the player wins or loses each hand independently of the others.
There are other games that allow for multiple independent wagers but the term multi player isn’t applied. In video poker, for example, the term multi hand is used. The player can play as many as a hundred hands at the same time. Although the wagering for each hand is independent, the way the hands are played comes from a base hand, making the play different from true multi player games.
Microgaming software has incorporated this concept in slots, for their mega spin slot games. The concept is basically the same as multi player card games, with bets being placed on sets of reels rather than hands of cards.
Multi player games have become popular primarily because of how fast the games move. The ability to play five hands at the same time means experiencing the excitement of watching your winnings pile up five times faster.