Online Poker Has Legs

Why in the world would you ever play poker online?  Well, if you are not yet a fan of online poker sites, you will be after reading the great advantages waiting for you.

In the last ten years, poker has grown legs, walked out of the brick and mortar casinos and set up a new home in the poker online casinos.  Well, I guess poker didn’t walk, but you get the picture.  Some of the advantages that players get in the poker games online are things like free poker, bonus offers, free practice rooms and a variety of poker games tutorials, just to list a few.

Poker bonus offers are on every homepage of every online casino.  Compare them all in one place on a compilation site like a poker bonus code site.  When you get free poker money, you can use it for whatever you like.  Play in a hot game longer, or play Texas Holdem tournaments.  The choice is yours.

Beyond bonus offers, you also get invited to the loyalty programs online casinos have to keep you playing with them.  Loyalty rewards can be more money in your casino account or great gifts.  Invite your friends and both they and you will receive rewards from a poker site that offers you a loyalty program.

The coolest thing that online poker has done for the poker community is offer a world of information.  If you are new and want to practice, you can play in the poker practice rooms.  Watch poker video tutorials to learn new games, and strategies.  These options are not existent in the old-fashioned casino.